Heat Wave instant self-heating & self- cooling cups - Faster, Stronger, Safer - Better Product Packaging and Processing

The Next Generation of Convenience

Competitors are too flimsy, unsafe, difficult to use, too small and take too long to heat and none can go cold.

Faster: Heat Wave’s Proprietary 3-Phase Chemical Reaction = Hot in 1 Minute OR Cold in 2 Minutes!!

Stronger: Aluminum & Plastic Construction – Fully Insulated and Double Seamed for Packaging Integrity and Consumer Safety

Higher Quality and Variety of Products: Better Product Packaging and Processing

Safer: Food grade non-toxic chemicals and fully recyclable components. A separate aluminum beverage can and plastic components makes for an easier product filling and cup assembly process in addition to providing an impenetrable barrier between the reactant and the beverage ensuring a level of safety that is unparalleled in the self-heating and self- cooling packaging industry.