Catch the Wave!

Consumers love the innovation, convenience and fun of the Heat Wave instant self- heating and self-cooling packaging technology. And now, you can too! If you have an established brand and are looking to offer an exciting new product extension or complement your existing product line – the Heat Wave instant self-heating and self- cooling cups are for you. If you have an emerging brand, the convenience of the Heat Wave instant self-heating/self-cooling technology could be the sales catalyst driving your brand into the top market leader position.

Consumer Research

  • Anywhere, Anytime - on-the-go, at home, at work, outdoors, sporting events, in the car and on the road!
  • Busy Moms - portability, ease of use and convenience made it appealing for both hot and cold use!
  • Business Travelers: on-the-go, on the road....immediate satisfaction!